Hi, my name is Taylor Carter! I am from a small town in West Virginia where I was born and raised. I am married to my absolute best friend (our anniversary is June Seventh in case you was wondering where the inspiration for the boutique name came from) I am a mama to three sweet little boys & I exist in this business because I am a gal that has absolutely always loved fashion & clothing since I was a young girl. I remember walking into limited too to shop when I was younger & how excited I was to find so many stylish items and I could not wait to help other people feel that exact same way one day. I love to see other people fall in love with cute trendy clothing and feeling cute and loving themselves and the skin that they are in! Nothing brings me more joy than a new outfit that fits me amazing and is also cute! Literally, the moment I get a compliment on my outfit I could melt, it’s the best feeling and I want to share that feeling with others.

My purpose for this business is to share my love for fashion & all things cute & fun with others! It is to help them create outfits and make their closet fun and exciting instead of just plain & maybe even boring because my favorite part of getting ready is throwing on my outfit and feeling like I can conquer the world. 

I have so many different “fashion styles” I love “extra” & girly outfits, I love cozy & cute, I also love dressed up and business or business casual… or a good edgy look. It’s so fun to play around with different looks and it depends on my mood as to what I will wear on a certain day… so be prepared to see a ton of different styles at June Seventh Boutique. 

My core purpose for this entire business is to help other women figure out what fashion style they love (or if they’re like me, what fashion styleS they love” as well as, to truly love themselves and their body and to truly make every body type feel absolutely amazing and beautiful. Nothing in this world sounds better to me rather than sharing my love for clothing, fashion, & trends with others and helping them fall in love with it too. I look forward to sharing all these things with others and can not wait for this journey! I have had this dream for so long and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to share it with all of you & to make you feel absolutely beautiful along the way.